Point of No Return 1993

Point of No Return (1993) เธอชื่อ..โคตรเพชฌฆาต

Point of No Return In Washington, D.C., Maggie Hayward is a heroin addict who is who was found guilty of killing a police officer during an armed shootout. She is about to be executed by lethal injection. The murder is faked, and an agent known as Bob tells her she has to join his ranks. Maggie is left with no option, agrees to cooperate and begins an intensive program of training that includes not only martial arts and firearms however, the proper manner of conduct and computer use.

Amanda Senior Operative transforms her into a graceful and gorgeous woman. She goes for a meal with Bob who informs her of her first job: an assassination attempt on a VIP who is eating in the same restaurant. Maggie kills the VIP’s bodyguard and is later followed by a number of VIP’s bodyguards. She shoots several of the bodyguards and then escapes from the kitchen, jumping into a chute for laundry. This was her final test and she has now finished her course. Point of No Return HD

The following morning she leaves to Venice, California and begins a romantic relationship with J.P., the house manager of the apartment. J.P. Although her first jobs and both jobs that are a hit have been productive, Maggie quickly comes to dislike her job and attempts to quit her job as professional killer. As things get worse between her and J.P. and her double life threatens their relationship, she requests for assistance in leaving the agency. Bob declines her request, but he agrees to let her leave the agency if the next job is completed.

Fahd Bakhtiar is an Iranian trader in nuclear weapons. The job demands Angela to act as if she is Angela. J.P. continues complaining about her mysterious companions while she gets ready to begin the job and mocks the improvised background that Bob provided for Maggie.

Taking out Angela can be a problem and result in the deaths of two of Angela’s bodyguards and the injury of Maggie’s companion, Beth. Director Kaufman dispatches Victor, a “cleaner” who is sent to cleanse the bodies and rescue the mission. Maggie is unaware that he was also required to kill other agents, as one failure will result in the death penalty. After murdering the wounded Beth in front of Maggie He then drives her to the home of Fahd. She steals Fahd’s computer and reveals the secrets of his. Fahd escapes and she is forced to leave.

Maggie she is driving home, is able to see Victor’s gun. She is sure that Victor is planning to kill her. The car spins out of control and they are forced to fight. In the end, Victor is dragged across the ravine, and is killed. Maggie returns to her apartment but she is not able to return until late in the night. Bob finds out about Maggie’s disappearance through J.P. He sees Maggie watching him in the mist as he walks away. Instead of reporting her disappearance, Kaufman calls him and informs him that the cleaning lady has died. After some hesitation, he tells Kaufman that Maggie is also dead.


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